Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sadie on a picnic

For lunch yesterday, the hubs and I went for a picnic in our favorite park. We packed up our french bread, french cheese, some melon, tomatoes (for John, not for me!), and, of course, our favorite fuzzy friend, Sadie. John took a book, his ipod, and a drawing pad to keep him busy after we ate. I took a book. I'm easy to please that way. 

There was only one thing we forgot- a good distraction for Sadie. So, our little nosy dog kept herself occupied walking around, trying to catch pigeons, and staring at every person, dog, or leaf that came along. 

She reminds me of Dug, the dog in "Up" here. 

"What was that??? I think I heard a leaf fall way over that hill!"

John, relaxing the afternoon away


Smiling through the slobbery doggie kisses... 

What a great afternoon. Love spending time with my 2 favorites.

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Anonymous said...

Aw :) You guys are cute!

I love picnics!