Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Guest

Our vacation weekend was spent with one of my very good friends from college. She came through Nice on her tour of Europe with 3 other girls and it was so so great to see her. 

J was not only a good friend in college, she was also my roommate. Well, when she was there, she was my roommate. J picked one of those degrees that you had to study for all the time so most of her days were spent in the library. I did not. Still, she was the best roommate that I had in those 4 years. (Although, really, the competition was not that steep. Man, did I have some doozies...) We cooked a lot of chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and rice crispy treats and we pretty much mastered the mashed potato, microwaved baked potato, fantastic salads, and baked chicken marinaded in italian dressing. I know what you are thinking- wow! What gourmet chefs we were as college students! And, compared to everyone else... we were. 

J and I spent the weekend laughing, catching up, and making plans for all kinds of things that we have to do when John and I get back to the states. I look forward to every single one of them.... but especially making more of these:

and having a few more moments like this:

I love those friends that things always pick up right where they left off. Those are the best kind to have! Especially when you are living on a different continent..... 

Almost the weekend!

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