Friday, August 5, 2011


Woah! It's been a while guys! 

So, how are you? How's the family?

I'm good. Things are crazy busy around here. I have a JOB! Working here

Our church, and several other Orthodox parishes in the area, are working together to open a not for profit coffee house in downtown Harrisburg. Each quarter a local charity will be selected to receive all of the proceeds from the shop. I am VERY excited to be a part of such a cool opportunity that actually lines up perfectly with what I want to do long term- open a coffee shop and bakery. 

Pastry school starts on the 22nd. Next week is orientation. Look at what I got in the mail this week!

And, modeling the whole ensemble...

Something I learned- chef coats and pants are not so flattering but are very comfortable.

I am also developing some recipes for the coffee shop so I will probably be sharing those soon. One that's a big hit right now- double chocolate espresso cookies. They are gooooood.