Friday, February 19, 2010

Sadie's Most Favoritest Toy

Forgive my grammar, but it is the most truthful way to describe this toy. About a month after Sadie arrived here my mom set a box of stuff for her. ( I know, what a lucky grandchild someday, right?) Inside this box was a toy that Sadie has loved more than any other. It has been tossed, wrestled, pounced upon, and growled at. It's squeaker doesn't squeak anymore and it is almost in 2 pieces but it is still the "go-to" toy that she will pick over any other. It has been washed in the washing machine, taken out on the balcony, and almost thrown away a dozen times. For whatever reason, John and I just can't bring ourselves to do it. When we are in the states we are going to buy a new one and I am sure she will be more excited about it that she will be to see us!

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