Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I like about France

Do you ever have days when you just -know- you are a grump? I am currently having one of those days. France just keeps ticking me off with its people and its paperwork. So, to alleviate my mood, I am just going to tell you all about the things I DO like about this place in which I am currently living. (which is also driving me craaaaazy..)

I love the view from our apartment. We look into a fantastic botanical park that is green and lush year round. Then, across the way is the airport, which is very handy for trips, and the five year old in me still loves to watch airplanes take off. Finally, just on the other side of the airport is the SEA. This is the best part of our view. Every day, I can get up, look out the window and gaze at the crystal clear Mediterranean sea. So so amazing.

I love the food. Even though John and I very very rarely eat out, we still eat quite well. I have learned so much while living here about the quality of food and I have learned to challenge myself in the kitchen. The fruits and vegetables in France are mostly locally grown and it shows. They have so much more flavor than anything you can buy in the states. Delish! We are currently working our way through the cheese aisle and the wine aisle in the grocery store. ( A definite challenge, but we're up for it! ) While some of the choices are not my personal favorite, they are always flavorful, always rich, and incredibly vibrant. Finally, the meats. Once again, France doesn't like to import their meat. The veal, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and rabbit that you find in the grocery store or boucherie will almost always say "produits en France". We are most definitely spoiled with our food choices here. Oh! I almost for got the bread.. and the pastries... and the spices.. It goes on and on and it is all good.

I love the "oldness" of everything. It is kind of funny to think about an "old" building in the USA. I mean, at most it will be 300-350 years old. (Unless it is the Pueblo villages in the West. Those are much older I'm sure.) Here, everything is just... ooooooollllldddddd.. Even the people. (jk...) In all seriousness, there are buildings here that are much much older than our country. They are beautiful. The old part of town is probably my favorite part of Nice because it feels how a European city should feel- full of narrow alleyways and little shops, clothes hung between buildings to dry, and cobblestone streets to walk on.

I love the experience. As much as I sometimes want to pull my hair out and scream, I really wouldn't give up the opportunity for anything. We will always be able to say, yeh, we lived in France for two years and traveled everywhere. We have experienced another culture, learned another language (me-not so much, John-yes), made friends, and we have grown as individuals and as a couple. It will forever be a highlight in my life, in our lives, and the memories will last a lifetime.

Thanks for helping me remember the good, blog-friends and readers! :-) Have a great afternoon!

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