Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend is over.. again..

Does anyone else feel like the weekends are never long enough? I am sure everyone does. They seem like they are going by so slowly but never slowly enough. Ah well, so is life. John is back at work today and I am.. enjoying the sunshine. Once we got through those 3 weeks of rain the "winter" has been very mild. Our average daytime temperature is around 55. Amazing. Especially after last winter in Lexington. Ice storms, snow every week, cold cold cold temps. Pretty sure we will both freeze to death in the US unless we are living in Florida.

This weekend we took a trip to Cannes. You know.. where they have the film festival. We had never been and really just needed something to do. Really pretty city. Real expensive too. I have never seen so many high end designer stores. Everything from Prada to Gucci to Pucci.. crazy! There is a huge convention center where hold the film festival and outside are hand prints of quite a few actors and actresses. And.. guess what... I put my hand in Julie Andrews' hand print. Yeh, that's right. Mary Poppins. Oh- and my hand is the same size as Jean Claude Van Damme. He is evidently a peanut of a man that packs a mean punch. Who knew?
Well, walking was all that we did in Cannes because everything was wayyy out of our price range. Hope you all had a really great weekend!

Here is a pic of the cork tree that I talked about in the last blog. So unusual. The bark feels really light to the touch and almost spongey. Much like a cork feels in your hand.

John and Chewie. Along the seaside in Cannes they had quite a few of these cut out characters. Everything from Shrek to Harry Potter to Brad Pitt. Sadie actually growled at Chewie.. evidently she feels she should be the only furry beast in John's life.

Just a spoon full of sugar..... Ah, love her! And, she has itty bitty hands. Or, I have really large ones.. Still made my week though!

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