Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Next stop- Village number 2,795

Hello all! I am finally back.. Sorry it has taken me all week to get a post up! For whatever reason it has been a rather hectic week around Maison de Halliburton and I just can't get my bootie in a seat long enough to write anything! 

John and I had a wonderful weekend, the weather was a bit cloudy most of the time (Volcanic ash? Quite possibly.) but we still managed to make the most of it and see some more of our beautiful surroundings.We have become quite the "village visitors" lately but we just really love getting outside of the city. I don't think I could ever live in somewhere like the villages (I mean, being an hour away from a grocery store would be difficult for anyone.) yet they are so very peaceful and very different from what we normally see and do in Nice.

Looking out of the village

The village this weekend was Lantosque. Beautifully swished between two mountains, the town is quite large by village standards- about 4 restaurants, small clothing store, book store, even a hotel in the summer months. John had been told that it is actually quite touristy but while we were there we didn't see any tourists at all. Except for us of course... :-) Running beneath the village is the Var river which eventually makes its way to the coast not far from our apartment. The river can be heard from just about anywhere in the village and is just the most beautiful noise to accompany an afternoon of wandering.

We both love to visit the old churches inside the villages. Lantosque had 2 churches, only one of which still had services. Like many of the villages, there are not enough people or priests to go around, so they have a schedule. One week the Father would be here, next week across the mountain at a different church.

We had a fantastic afternoon as always. We even ate out for lunch! Woot! I had a pizza,which was delicious. John had a sandwich and then helped me with my Pizza and I had my Orangina.

I wish you all a wonderful week! 
More pictures from our trip are on my Shutterfly site.

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