Friday, February 4, 2011

Week in Reverse

Well, this has been a fun one.. I really have had every intention of blogging in the past week but there have been just a few things going on.. Here's the rundown:

1) Last Thursday/Friday - Severe stomach ache sets in, can't hardly stand to touch my stomach. Think to myself "eh, it will go away."
2) Monday, lunch with friend in Nice, work at library, all while wearing 4 inch heel boots (6 hrs). Stomach is still aching.
3)Tuesday, Wake up with stomach ache, knee the size of a cantaloupe**, an elbow that stays at a 90 degree angle, and a fever. 
4) Hubby, who has been worried about the stomachache, insists on going to the dr. just to make sure all will be ok. A 4 day stomachache is nothing to mess with. So, we go to the ER. 
5)Where, I pass out in the lobby. After 6 hours, my first EVER IV, blood work, xrays, they can't find anything that is wrong with me. Which is good, I guess. 
6) Wednesday and Thursday are spent with me being unable to put on a shirt, touch the top of my head, scratch my nose, or really walk. But, stomach is not hurting as much. Or maybe everything else just hurts worse... 
7)Friday- Things are starting to recover. I can touch the top of my head, successfully put on my own shirt without assistance, and my left leg will almost fully extend. I sound my older than my 25 years, don't I?? 

All's well that ends well.
Moving update: Things in the apartment are selling well and we are slowing moving them out. Our moving day is the 14th of Feb. and our flight leaves Nice on the 19th. Wow. 

**I have degenerative knees and should probably never wear 4 inch heels. I have learned my lesson. Flats. Flats are my friend.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! Sounds terrible! Hope you are feeling much better, especially come travel time! Flats are definitely your friend :) All the best with the moving! Blog lots of pictures! :)