Monday, January 24, 2011

Update Monday

Before I start a new week of blogs I thought I would fill everyone in on what's happening in France (and the US). This past week  John, Sadie, and I flew to NYC and then drove to our future hometown- Mechanicsburg. My parents met us there for the weekend and to pick up the doggie. We had a great time looking around the town, trying some local restaurants, and making multiple trips to Target. ( oh... I missed it so much..)

John and I spent the week saying," Everything is so cheap. This is so cheap. If we bought this in France it would cost 3x's this." I think we might be in trouble when we move back to the states... We are going to have "it's so CHEAP-itis". Oh me. And the food! Dear goodness those portions are out of control. Who can eat that much? Yes, it is good.. and spicy... and less expensive... but seriously. My dinner one night fed me dinner and then John and I ate the leftovers for lunch the next day. 3 meals from one dish.

But man, did we love the spice. Missed that heat. 

We found an apartment! In two days we saw about 8 apartments and found a place we really liked. It will be completely renovated and we will the very first people to live there. Hard wood floor, new kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances, washer and dryer, and it is DOUBLE the size of our french apartment. For less money per month.

So now we are back in France for a month, finishing up the move, selling everything we need to sell, and saying our goodbyes. Crazy how fast time goes by!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for this new, crazy, amazing time for you! I hope you are enjoying it, and hope it's not to sad for you to leave France. Praying for you both! Love you! :)

Stacey said...

Thanks Annie! It is so strange to be doing everything in reverse. Time has passed so quickly. We are happy and sad to be leaving.. Sad because we have no idea when we will be back, happy because.. life is just easier in the states. Friends, family, more opportunity... it will be good. :-) Love ya!