Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Christmas!! Again!!

Hurray! I have good news. Not really good news for you guys.. sorry.. but it is good news for me! This year John and I ordered several of Christmas presents for each other from the US because my mom was sending us a Christmas box. We thought she could just throw in a couple of extra things for us along with all the goodies she was shipping over anyways. It was shipped with PLENTY of time to get here, over two weeks. It normally takes 9 days for a package to reach us.

It just arrived today. Over 4 weeks. Yeh. and 2 weeks late for when it should have gotten here.

Have I said that I don't like the French poste? I don't. They are s   l   o   w. 

Anyways, We get to have Christmas again this evening. YES! I LOOOOVE that part of this story!

Now, if I can just wait until John gets home to open it. I'm getting a little itchy.

Pictures are finished from the recent trip! I will blog more about it as I have time, but here is the link

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