Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have mentioned this in other posts but haven't directly stated it. Big changes are happening at Le Maison De Halliburton. Most of you know, but in case you don't, we moved to France in March of 2009 for a two year contract with John's job.. which will end in March of 2011. Things have been happening behind the scenes over here and as of February 19th, we will be residents of Pennsylvania. 

Yeh. I know. That's soon. The to do list is getting longer by the minute. I'm actually not even sure I have time to write this.... humm... oh well. I like to procrastinate. Makes life more adventurous. 

Did I tell you that NEXT SATURDAY we are going to the states for about a week? We will see the town we will be living in, tour where John will be working, take Sadie to my Mom and Dad (Hi Mom. Have I said thanks? Thanks. You guys are awesome.), and hopefully find a place to live. So, that takes a week away from all of the fun stuff we have to do here. 

My head might explode before it's all over with. Prayers are appreciated. 

Now.. I'm off to check some things off that list...


Anonymous said...

Wow! So much happening so fast! It's all so exciting! Will you be keeping up the blog? Hope so! Praying for you that everything goes smoothly!

Carra said...

Wow, congrats Stacey! So excited for you guys! A new adventure! :) Good luck with the move! Sending prayers your way.

Stacey said...

Annie- Yes! I will be keeping up the blog but I think it will change directions a little bit. You'll see! ;)
Thanks for the prayers Annie and Carra! I know we will need them!

ps- Carra, I am loving reading your new blog!