Monday, February 14, 2011

Update Monday: Moved!

Well, we are homeless. 
This morning 3 french gentlemen came and packed all of our earthly belongings into a 3 meter square box. How many Americans can say that all they own fits in a 3m box? We have learned the importance of downsizing, living with the minimum you need, and not getting very attached to things. A clutter bug I am not. Ah well, give me a few months.. things may change. ;) 

The rest of my day was spent cleaning like crazy, scrubbing everything from the insides of closets to the inside of the fridge. Still more to do tomorrow. Yehhhhh! 

Finally, I had a wonderful goodbye with my library friends. The English-American library  was the first place that I found in Nice that felt "right" and I am so thankful for each of them. 

Now, I am going to fall into bed, sleep like a baby and be ready to clean again!

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