Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two for One Day!

Ok, I realized this morning that I have too many things to write about this week! (Never a bad thing.) Normally, I would just let it carry over to next week BUT we are going on a trip this coming weekend to Corsica so I will have plenty to write about next week as well. So, it's two for one day! 

John and I spent our Saturday at a food and flower market that happens once a year in Nice. We saw the signs for it last year but had no idea what it was so we didn't go. This year, we decided to just go and find out and it was such a great day. This market was a blast and we bought quite a few good things. 

Picture log! 

Beautiful rose bushes for sale

Churros, made fresh to order. 

One of the 3 food tents. 
 Local honey


They even had animals for sale! 

 Our purchases! (John wouldn't let me buy a baby goat...)

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