Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Weekend in Corsica

I was a little sad to come back to Nice this Tuesday. Actually, I don't think any of us were very happy to come back. The general chorus was somewhere along the lines of, "Just a couple more days. Just a couple more days, That's all I need." Two days later and my slight sunburn is fading into a nice tan, the apartment is back in order, the laundry is almost done (Thank you Mr. Sunshine for drying them quickly..), and I am still wishing I was on vacation. 

We spent half a day Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and came home on Tuesday morning. In the course of those 3 and 1/2 days we managed to cover the entire island although a little bit more time would have really been great. Spread out the travel, sit on the beach a little bit more, not quite so much time spent in the backseat cuddling with my dog. 

John, Jim, Sadie and I did a lot of ooo-ing and aaahhh-ing while riding in the car with all of our camping gear. The roads in Corsica leave something to be desired but you tend to forget that when you are driving on the side of a cliff with a herd of goats on one side of the road and the other side drops off into the crystal clear sea. Or, when you round a corner on said curvy road and there is a cow standing in the middle of it looking at you like, "What? I'm supposed to be here."

I have to say that even though we saw a lot of island, and most of the major villages along the way, our favorite place was probably the beach at Palombaggia. The amazing white sand beach with crystal clear water seems to go on forever. Since we were there in the early season the beach was mostly empty and you could almost imagine having the entire beach to yourself. Can you imagine why we didn't want to leave??

Ok, today and tomorrow I will be posting some pics from the trip. And, if you want to see some extras, you can check them out right here.

 Watching the sunset from one of our campgrounds

The cliffs in Bonifacio

Ok! More to come tomorrow! Happy Thursday all!

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