Monday, September 7, 2009

A day in...... The Weekend

One of our favorite pastimes for the weekends, if we don't have anything else planned, is to get outside of Nice and explore. There are many, many villages around Nice, and there are always interesting things to see.
This Sunday, we decided to visit the village of St. Jeannet. This quaint little town is nestled at the bottom of a cliff that can be seen for MILES. We had always talked about going and since we didn't have anything better to do, John and I packed up Sadie and some water and took off for the hills.
After a lovely lunch (Well, John's was lovely, I forgot how much I loath ginger on anything.eck )and a little exploring around the town, we found the beginning of the trail that led to the top of the cliff. The trail was pretty steep and I am pretty sure Sadie thought we were trying to kill her. But, after a few rest breaks for the pup, we reached the top. The view was breath-taking. You could see from Villefranche sur Mer... all the way past Antibes and onto other towns that I don't even know the names of. This may not mean a lot to everyone, but it is a realllllly long way. Amazing!
Oh, and if you would like to see other pictures, you can go here later in the week. Sorry, not enough time to get them all done today!

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