Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day in... A visitor!

There is a lot of excitement around the apartment this morning! I was checking my email and Sadie starting barking at the door going onto the balcony. At first, I just told her to hush. Then I saw the reason for her barking- a kitten was on our 5th floor balcony. yikes! I know cats are quick and nimble- but I think that is just testing the limits. Despite my intense allergy to cats of all kinds, shapes, and sizes- I couldn't resist this kitten. Neither could Sadie for that matter. Although I have no idea who he actually belongs to- he made himself at home in our apartment for a while! He first perched on my back because Sadie was making quite a pest of herself. Later, he relaxed and wandered around- always with a wary eye on the ol' hound. When my sneezing became to much- back to the balcony he went!

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