Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cats have 9 lives right?

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you just wanted to sit around, drink coffee, and be lazy with the one you love? John and I had high hopes for that this weekend. Unfortunately, it didn't quite turn out that way.
The little kitten in the blog before this has become a regular visitor around our house. I am pretty sure that if possible, he would live with us permanently. Sadie loves him, and they have a ton of fun playing until he has to be sent outside due to the sniffing, sneezing, watery eyes, and welps that I develop during his visits.

This past Sunday little Knievel, as we now call him, came over for his 50th visit of the day. ( I told you, they are frequent.) After a while, I put him back over on his own balcony.. and watched from inside our apartment as he tried to come back over for the 51st visit. Key word in that sentence: tried. Instead of making it onto our balcony, Knievel the cat fell. 3 stories.

After a moment of shock, John and I raced outside to see what we were sure would be a kitty splatter on the pavement below. Thankfully, he wasn't there. Thus beginning our not so lazy, very exciting Sunday afternoon. We raced around the apartment putting on shoes and grabbing keys, then raced out of the apartment to alert his owner, and attempt to find Knievel. His owner was not at home. (Which brings up a whole other question of why on earth didn't she lock him up. But I digress.)

John and I find the poor cat in the hallway of our building, apparently pitched out by whomever found him. ( I am not impressed with whomever this was.) With agonizing breathing, pain in his eyes, and lack of movement, I was convinced the poor little kitty was done for. Amazingly enough, he pulled through. After an hour of sitting in the hallway and a trip to the vet, Knievel the Kitty had only a minor hemorrhage near his lungs and a few roughed up toenails. As the vet said- he is a lucky cat.

The rest of the "lazy" Sunday was spent trying to unwind from the stress of the afternoon. Both of our nerves were completely shot- but at least that little rat of a cat is ok and hopefully he won't feel the need to have another flying lesson.

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