Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things You Have to See in Nice!

John and I have a "master list" of all the places we take people who come to visit. Usually, due to time, we have to pick and choose where go. Luckily, when my parents came to visit, we had plenty of time to see just about everything. So, while I'm telling you about their visit, I'm also going to share the master list! ( You know, in case you want to visit and I'm not here to show you around.)

First things first- Nice Flower Market 

This market is right in the old town of Nice and in the summer is covered in tourists. (Word of advice- never visit the south of France in July or August.) We went on a beautiful Saturday morning when it was busy and bustling- full of locals buying their flowers and veggies for the weekend. 

This is my Dad- trying a sundried tomato. I don't think he was very impressed... and (below) some yummy fresh figs. (Which I had never seen before I moved to France. Fig Newton was my knowledge of a fig.. )

Second on the list! The Chateau. Formerly a citadel, chateau, church... It overlooks Nice and offers the best views of the city and the port of Nice. 

3rd- Fenocchio. The World's Best Ice Cream. Ever. Bar-None. End of Story. If you visit Nice for no other reason- come for the ice cream. It is family owned by Italians and they make all of their own ice creams in flavors ranging from mint chocolate to amaretto to tomato basil. And I have never tasted a bad flavor. 

One of the 4 cases of flavors. 
Just look at these happy faces! They prove my point. 

4th- The Russian Church. It was built by the last Czar of Russia and he never saw it completed. The Russian Aristocracy liked to come to Nice for the winter so they needed a church to worship in while they visited. It is beautiful, inside and out, and houses some of the most amazing icons I have ever seen.

5th spot on our list! The Archeological Museum and the Matisse Museum.
John and I really enjoy both spots and always, always take people to the archeological site. While there are "Roman Ruins" everywhere here, the site is well preserved with 2 different roman baths (below) and a 5th century church. 

Antibes. It is pretty tourist-y.. and can be really English but we still love this town. Antibes is a small, seaside, resort town that Pablo Picasso lived in for a period and used as his muse. Cute and vibrant, it is really the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon wandering around. Which we tried to do.. but the 8 foot waves and crazy wind wouldn't let us. 

Number 7 and last on our list for today- Luceram (or any of the surrounding perched villages.) Luceram is our favorite of the perched villages because it still feels live. Many of the villages you visit feel very... dead.. There are no restaurants, boulangeries, or stores of any kind. Luceram has stores, a library, 2 or  restaurants and even a couple of schools. If you feel like driving a little bit farther over the mountain- go to Piera Cava. This small resort town is not very well known and has the best lookout point we've found. The view will take your breath away. 


Piera Cava. And, if you decide to stop here, you might get to see a cute French goat!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! 
And, if you would like to see a few more pictures from the recent trip, here are the links! Don't worry.. I'll fill you in on everything else we did! 

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