Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok! I have so much to tell and no idea where to start! I have been cooking up a storm and I still have to tell you about our cruise! Today- cruise. Tomorrow.... We'll see how I feel. 

After our lovely experience on the train in France and Italy, we had a wonderful couple of days in Venice. The weather was nice, it wasn't crowded, and it didn't stink. I found a simple hotel for us on the island, Hotel Dalla Mora. Cheap, really clean, in a great location, and breakfast included! (If you are going on a romantic vacation...I would probably splurge for something nicer. If you are going for functionality... this place is awesome.)

John and I had been to Venice last year but it was Mom and Dad's first trip. I think they liked it. How can you not love Venice? Unless you need a restroom. 1.50euro for a "public toilette" and I saw exactly 2. Actually searched for one for about an hour. Ugh. ( I think I have said that this is my biggest problem in Europe. I will continue to say it until we leave. European Union- I hope you are listening! More toilets! And while you're at it, make them free!) Anyways! The four of us wandered around the city, shopped for some souvenirs, walked in many churches, visited St. Mark's, and got lost a couple of times. All of the things that have to happen when you visit there. The next morning we checked out of our hotel, hopped onto the "People Mover" and checked into our ship. 

First, let me say that this was one of the best trips we've been on. It was a relatively small ship, around 2300 guests, and the staff were fantastic. No, we didn't have a movie theater or a shopping center or a few after dinner shows to choose from but it was just so easy. The food was fantastic (but not over-indulgent), every thing was planned in advance for the ports, and we didn't have to drive ourselves anywhere. What could be better? I wouldn't want to go on a Caribbean cruise because everyone goes on them but a small ship that is going to unusual locales- oh yeh. Our ship took us to Dubrovnik, Croatia; Kusadasi, Turkey; Santorini, Greece; and Corfu, also in Greece.

Now, individual posts on each port of call! Otherwise, this could be a really extra long post.

The view from the patio at our hotel.

This didn't turn out like I wanted it to.. but I still like the idea. 

Two days after our 3rd Anniversary. Our best anniversary trip so far. Wonder what we'll do next year??
Better yet... I wonder where we will be living next year. ha!

Italian pastry shop. I love the people in this one. So much going on. 

The Splendor of the Seas!

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Miss Stacey your photos are beautiful! :) Can't wait to see more and Happy Belated Anniversary to you two cuties!!! :) :) :)