Saturday, November 20, 2010

Santorini, Greece

This was my favorite port by far. Amazing weather, amazing scenery, amazing wind, amazing EVERYTHING. I loved this place. Once again, we took the advice of our friend who had been here previously and did something different. He suggested a hike that goes from the tender-port of Thira to the end of the island and the town of La. A one way trip of 7 miles along the edge of an island formed by a volcanic eruption. 

The hike was a little difficult to find, but once we found our first guide dog things got a little bit easier. You start off winding your way through a city all the while being greeted by dogs and a few of them come with you, always leading the way. Finally, you end up right outside the city on an open path covered in lava rocks following a dog. A cute, clean, sweet as can be dog. And then, after about 4 miles, he trades places with another dog who takes you the rest of the way. 

I love dogs. almost all dogs. Ok, all big dogs. I don't do yappy small dogs. period. But the dogs on this island were incredible. They knew the paths like the... back of their paw.. If we went the wrong way *cough* John's fault*cough*, this dog came back and found us and made sure we were behind him. If we stopped for a drink or to tie our shoes, he stopped and waited for us to catch up. He would have came home with us only I didn't think he would take to apartment life very much. 

The views from this hike along the ridge will take your breath away. The wind will too. We slid down a lava rock hill, hiked back up the other side, saw more Greek Orthodox churches than we ever will again, and loved every minute. ("It is an honor to be baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church." Name that movie line! Hint- Someone in the movie loves windex) La was a fantastic little town full of little white buildings and little blue domed churches and big tall windmills. Just thinking about it makes me wish I was back there. 

Finding the trail in Thira.. Around 8 in the morning

We hiked to the white that you see waaay over on the left. 
It only looks like we are closer.. still about 2 hours away.

 Our 2nd sweet doggie guide. I didn't get a picture of the 1st.

Changing of the guard. 2nd guide going to the left, new guide going to the right. 

 Maybe he could become an inside dog.. Who thinks I should go back for him??


More of La

This sweet girl is a blog all by herself. Next week!

The end! Sorry, this would have been up yesterday but the photo upload-er wasn't working.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend! 

And, Happy Birthday Roxanne!


Anonymous said...

My Big Fat Greek Wedding!!! :) Love that movie!

This is incredible! I had no idea that dogs could guide you around! That has to be one of the funnest, cutest things I've ever heard of!

Danielle just got herself a husky puppy. She's on my blog... :)

Hope you are all well! :) :) :)

Stacey said...

I know, they were so sweet.

I will have to go see that puppy. Huskies are just adorable.