Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mont Saint Michel, Last day of the trip!

When we left Omaha beach, we were in a pretty big hurry. It was already 6:00pm and we had to be at our BandB by 8. It is normally an hour and a half drive between the two places (Normandy and Mont Saint Michel) BUT our GPS wanted us to drive on a nonexistent road AND we discovered that the ac adaptor was broken and our GPS was going to die before we made it to our destination. Joy of Joys. Always an adventure! We made sure we were on the right road, and then turned of the GPS until we got closer. And, we made it safe and sound.

Our BandB in Mont Saint Michel was fantastic. I wish that we had spent 2 days there instead of just one. Big bed, big bathroom, lovely surroundings, and a great breakfast included. All very rare in France for the 70 euros that we spent. They also recommended two restaurants for us to try. We went to both. I would recommend both of them to you, too! The food in the north of France is much heavier, full of creams and butter and potatoes. Yum. Not something I could eat every day... but after all that walking in Paris.... I think we deserved some cream and butter and potatoes!

After a good night's rest in that big, king-sized bed and breakfast, we headed off to tour the Monastery. And, you know how I said Paris was cold?? Well, this was even colder.. I layered every piece of clothing that I had left in the suitcase and added my bright yellow raincoat on top. Still cold, but not quite as much. Be prepared if you visit! Bring pants. :-) The monastery was nice. I think we were both a little disappointed, just because all of the original tapestries, paintings, etc, etc, are gone. It is a beautiful building with very gray walls. 

A few of my favorite pictures!

Just lovely isn't it? 

After Dinner picture taking

The night before, the water was into the grass that  you see there. When we were leaving the next morning, people were parking here. The tides here come in at a rate of 18 feet/second. 

The View from the Top. :-) Look at the line of people waiting to come in!

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