Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh... my Dog..

Sadie is a dog with a lot of quirks. First off, she doesn't really think that she is a dog. She talks (and yes, we can usually understand her), she wants to eat our food, she loves to sleep on our bed (when we aren't in it), and she would rather spend time with other people than with other dogs. 

One of the more interesting things about Sadie is her love of pine cones. John and I can't quite figure this one out. Since she was little pup, if she can find a pine cone to carry around, she will. This happens only on the return trip home, and she drops it as soon as we get to the door without being asked. (She's a genius I tell you. Our children will be the smartest kids on the planet... haha)

She is also a lifeguard. Whenever we go to the beach, she is always on guard. Everyone there is in her charge and she worries about them when she can't find them. Especially John and I. We often take turns snorkeling if we take Sadie to the beach with us and it is a battle keeping her on shore when we go out of sight. On our return to shore, she has to inspect us and make sure we are ok. If there is someone else at the beach that she thinks is in trouble- she barks and sounds the alarm. She would have been a great Momma Dog. 

Big goofy Lug.

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That's precious :)