Thursday, June 23, 2011


With decorating almost complete, we have begun exploring our new city. Little bit more time on our hands. Last weekend was beautiful so instead of going to King of Prussia (evidently a big fancy mall outside of Philly) we went to Wildwood Park just outside of Harrisburg. It is a nature preserve and marsh with great trails and lots of wildlife. Lots. Chipmunks,egrets, herrings, ground hogs, orioles...

This is the first time I have really "used" my camera since we moved. It felt good to get back "behind the lens".

Lovely little frog.

 The vastly different areas of the park kind of blew my mind. In the span of a few acres are dense forest with huge trees, marshes with water lilies,  and swamp-y areas. The teaching degree in me just screams that this would be the best field trip. 

 Two little chipmunks. The one in front kept coming closer and closer. 

 See? And no, we didn't feed them. 

He posed. My favorite picture of the day.

If all of our adventures in Harrisburg are this stunning, I think we are going to like it!

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Anonymous said...

That place looks amazing! I would want to take a boat out on that swamp like in the Notebook! haha! :) I would always pick a park over a mall :)