Monday, May 9, 2011

Update Monday: The New Place

Ok! I am finally at a point where I can share photos of the new place. All the furniture is in.. unless we add another bookshelf or something later. So, for the most part everything is settled. Yeh!

We have exactly one picture on the wall so don't judge. The walls are currently a reflection of the people who live here- pale, pasty, and lacking in coloration. As we gain on that, hopefully they will too.

View from the front door. And, no, we don't have a tv. Netflix and Hulu are our friends.

Looking straight back from the front door. Sadie's bed and blanket. I'm thinking I might should get something a little less... conspicuous. What do you think?

I love the kitchen! It's so big! And NEW! And BIG! 

Another view. I made the curtain. It was a small victory for my craftiness.

Our pantry. The kitchen didn't have one, and we didn't want to take up cabinet space for food- so Criagslist came through! Antique chifferobe converted!

Inside. And, I promise we feed the dog.. She is just a bottomless pit.

Itty bitty bathroom. Barely big enough for one, much less the 3 that crowd in here on Saturday and Sunday. But, the shower is LOVELY!

Headboard, chest, and nightstand were all found on craigslist. Woot. And, the headboard will be painted once it is over 55 for more than a day. Maybe by July? 

No bedskirt.. yet. 

Waterfall design...very common ... but we love it. 

This thing is the longest story of any piece of furniture we own.
Short version: It did have doors. John tried really hard to fix them. It didn't work. I made a curtain. Tada!

Table and chairs! That I love! And can fit 4 people! I haven't had one of these in over 2 years!! 
It's the small things in life... 

And, the only peice of furniture that we spent any real money on-
Zoe. The sofa. She is so lovely. and soft. And I feel like a little kid when I sit on her because my feet don't touch. John is in love. It's a couch that fits him.

That's it for now! I'll take more pictures as more is finished! We still need some rugs, and a lot of framing...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! The floors are beautiful. All your furniture is gorgeous! I love the pantry and the curtains that you've made, and your blanket. Like I said, I LOVE it! I love it all! :)

Carra said...

The new place looks great Stacey! I love your style, creativity, and the ecclectic-ness of it all! The perfect mix of old and new is very charming :) Hope you're doing well!

Erin said...

It looks great Stace! I like the bedside table with the curtain :-) And your kitchen is awesome! You'll definitely be making some delicious food in there!!

Stacey said...

Thanks guys! We love it! I can't wait to start putting the finishing touches up!

Donna said...

looks great Stacey!! looks like you guys are settling in nicely!! looks like a nice cozy home!:)...and you must be soooo happy to have a normal kitchen again!! hehe:) xooxo

So Pickin' Cute said...

so, I'm INCREDIBLY behind! Are you back in the states?! Did you buy a place? It's SO cute! I LOVE your dining table and chairs...I want the same kind. Wherever did you find it?! How are you guys?!!!! What's going on?!

Stacey said...

Abby! So good to hear from you! We are back in the states, came back in March. This is our new apartment... hopefully a house in about a year. I'll email you the rest! :-)