Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Headboard Experiment

When we bought our $40 headboard from craiglist I knew I would paint it. While I like the antique-look, it was a little too rustic for me. And, ever since I had heard about the "hammered" spray paint I had wanted to try it out.

I thought it would be painted as soon as we bought it but the weather had other ideas and since we don't have many places to store large objects in our apartment- it went on the bed. Fast forward about a month and it was finally 55 degrees consistently. I (make that WE) got the headboard outside as quickly as possible. I donned my fume mask and went to work. 

5 cans of paint, 3 days of work, and two mashed fingers later- It's done!

The Before:

The After:

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Anonymous said...

Your room is so pretty :)