Monday, December 27, 2010

Pâté? Bleeeh.

The one criteria that John and I have for food is... We'll Try Anything Once. It works out pretty well. Anyone can handle one bite of something, no matter how nasty, gross, slimy, or otherwise disgusting said bite might be. And if you don't like it, you never have to try it again.

In France, we have been exposed to a lot of food that we would never have tried otherwise. And, I've never had anything that I just couldn't eat.(but I have avoided certain delicacies - escargot, oysters. I have my limits for food adventures.) John, poor guy, has had some weird stuff at work- tripe sausage, a taco served with sauteed mushrooms, pureed fish and potatoes... You get the idea. It used to be a daily ritual for me to ask about John's lunch from that day. Always an adventure. 

The point of telling you all that is to tell you this. Every year for Christmas, John's company gives a gift box full of french food- foie gras,pâté, candied fruit, 2 bottles of wine, and some chocolate. Last year we tried everything in the box with little success. This year, we were interested to find out if our tastes have changed. 

and, the answer- not so much. 

Clockwise from the top- Mandarins in vodka, Pates of different.. birds.., a tuna spread and an olive spread, and... a few more pictures of pate. 

So, we toasted some bread and went to town. 

A few pictures of things as we tried them.

The good news- we didn't have to spit anything out this year. Yeh for us! :-) 

So, my advice to you- try new things. Don't be afraid to taste something that is out of your comfort zone. You never know- it might become your new favorite food. If you are in a different culture you have to be open to new things. It's part of the fun. 

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