Monday, March 22, 2010


I have learned that I am a person of two homes. Nice is home, as strange as it feels to say it sometimes, yet I am home in Tennessee as well. It was so good to travel back, to see our families and friends, to eat and drink everything that we have missed, to shop for everything that is so much more expensive here and just RELAX. We both just needed a break from everything French.

I know that I am not meant to live in Europe forever but the experience has opened my eyes to a lot of things both good and bad. I have grown, John has grown and we have both grown together. Moving to France has been one of the most difficult and yet amazing experiences of our lives. Even though there are days when I would gladly give it up and move home -just for the comfort and the ease of everything- I know if I did I would regret it. God has granted us the chance of a lifetime that most people would love to have. While I sometimes think that those people have no idea what they are wishing for, I know that it has challenged me in ways that I would never have been challenged otherwise.

So, as we move into this last year in France, I hope that we make the most of it . See everything we can, and enjoy every moment. We have one more year to enjoy our two homes and appreciate each of them for the incredible places that they are.

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