Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I will forever hate jetlag. It is not fun to have your internal clock turned on end, being hungry at the wrong time, wanting to be awake at the wrong time and sleep when you shouldn't. John has already adjusted quite well but for whatever reason I have had such a hard time. I managed to stayed awake yesterday from 7:30am until about 9pm (please note, this is the longest I have been awake since we returned to France.) and woke up at 9:45 so we could take the dog out. Back in bed by 10:30 and probably didn't go back to sleep until at least 12:30 or 1. Really?! BUT the beautiful sun is shining today, not a cloud in the sky, and I plan on enjoying every minute of it.No naps. I love Spring in France. Everything is already green and flowering. Hopefully we can do some hiking or village wandering this weekend and I can get some pictures of the wonderful color.

Well, I think this is all the cohesive thought I can run together this morning! Have a wonderful day all!

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