Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elevator Music

There is a very interesting happening in our building. For the past week, we have been without an elevator. This wouldn't normally bother me, I don't really use it all that often during the week. The problem is that the elevator shaft is right beside our apartment. So, while they "fix the problem"- I get to listen to the lovely music. Drilling, beating, banging, shouting... ahhhhhhhh.. beautiful.

The irony of this is that last Monday and Tuesday, the elevator was down for a regular maintenance "check-up". Wednesday morning it was up and running again. But by that evening- it was off. They have been working on this thing for 5 business days. I am relatively sure they could have built a brand new one in that time. And, it makes me really nervous that I was riding in that elevator the day it broke.

So now, I just wait for the music to stop, the workmen to go home and allow the rest of the building to enjoy modern convenience.

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