Friday, July 22, 2011

Lost my Filter

Everyone, ok, almost everyone; has a built-in "filter" of what to say, what not to say, and who not to say it to.

I lost mine.

For two years, I lived somewhere that most people couldn't understand a word I said unless I wanted them to. Then, when I was saying something that should be filtered, I said it to my husband who knows me so well that we can filter each other and understand the meaning even if it didn't come out right.

Now that we are in the states, I walk out of just about every conversation going... "oh, man....... why did I SAY that?? I didn't MEAN it to sound like that." And then I have to go back... and apologize.... and explain what I MEANT to say. In a sense, I have not only lost my filter, I have lost my English.

So, to anyone who might be reading this.. I didn't mean it. I am attempting to re-grow my filter. I will think before I speak and if something sounds harsh, it wasn't supposed to. Feel free to call me out.

Side note: I made cookies and cream cupcakes. You should come visit and eat one because WOW are they yummy.

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Anonymous said...

I'd come over and eat a cupcake :) Hope y'all are doing good! :)