Monday, October 25, 2010

I hate it when Vacation ends..

Well everyone, I'm back. I am not sure how excited am about that though... For the past two weeks, my parents have been visiting. The first week was spent in Nice and the surrounding areas. Last week we all went to Venice and then hopped on a boat to sail around the Mediterranean. It was WONDERFUL. Mom, Dad, John and I all had a wonderful time and saw some amazing sights. 

This morning, my Mom and Dad hopped back on a plane to the US, John went back to work, and now.. all I have is my laundry (oh MY is it a lot of laundry), photo editing, and trying to get back into a routine. 

It's a lonely day. :-) 

Be looking for pictures in the next week! It's going to be a long process- there are a lot of them!

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