Tuesday, June 8, 2010

L’Italie à Table

John and I had a fantastic weekend. Again. We are both loving the warmer weather here in Nice and with that warm weather come more things to do. Last weekend there was a large Italian food expo/festival in the center of Nice so on Sunday afternoon we took the bus into town with the idea of just walking around for a bit and then going for ice cream. Number one rule- No buying! I am pretty sure we knew going into it that we were doomed for failure. John and I plus tents full of Italian food can always mean great things for our tummies but not so much for our bank account. Things started pretty positively. We wandered, we perused, we even tasted. Bought a cup of espresso each (Italian espresso is the best.yum.), shared a small glass of beer, and then I realized that the Italians make my favorite drink- Prosecco. Oh, crumb, is it great. And, there was a distributor there at the festival. Big, fat, wedding cake crumb. I had a glass (Might I add, John was much less stingy with his beer than I was with my prosecco...) and then my sweet husband had pity on me and bought a bottle. After that, we bought a big box of Risotto -my next project- and John picked out a bologna that he wanted. (See, I am nice. I may not share my drink, but I let him pick out something he would like better.) After that, we debated the ice cream stop that we had actually come into town for but not for very long. Ice cream always wins debates. 

Photo log
Yeh! for Italian dinners! 

We bought a piece of that. John's Pick! 

 John thought this looked tasty. I was not so sure. 

 Ohhhhh man. Great stuff.

 The Prosecco Man. John was really just taking a picture of the table and he smiled for us. Ha!

 Of course, nothing is complete without CHEESE!

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