Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The French Hate Trees

 I have been preparing for this blog for quite some time. You know, collecting data, taking pictures, checking my facts. ( I have to be thorough, right?) Finally, I am ready to discuss my findings. The French hate trees. It's a fact. Everywhere you go, and village, town, or city in France will have trees that just look pitiful. You know the trees that small children draw with the really big trunk and then a few little strings of branches coming right out the top? Those are artists' renderings of trees in France. No tree is safe, whether it is a palm, pine, olive, or beech, from the skilled "arborists" of France. They trim, they saw, they CONQUER those green little guys!

The Evidence:

I think I've proved my point. And, just to leave you on a slightly more beautiful note, here is a sunrise in Corsica. Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

Disclaimer: This blog post is a joke. Please don't think I'm serious. :-)  

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