Friday, October 23, 2009

The Churches

Something that John and I really enjoy doing when we travel is visiting the local cathedrals. Lucky for us, Dublin has a couple, Christ Church Cathedral and St. Patrick's Cathedral. The two were built close to the same time and in very similar styles. High vaulted ceilings, small alcoves off to the sides of the main hall, and rock walls all make for beautiful houses of worship. Also, both churches have amazing acoustics and are the home to fantastic choral groups. While we toured the inside of St. Patrick's we were lucky enough to hear one of the choirs practicing. I must say, they weren't too shabby. When you visit on your own, I would say that Christ Church is a must. The grounds are great, the inside spectacular, and the crypt tour is also fantastic. If you only have time for one- go to it. But, if you have time for both and love to look at old churches- do both. Besides, if you are lucky like John, you might be caught by two little Irish boys who want to play in the garden outside.

Photo on the left- St. Patrick's
Photo on the Right- Christ Church

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