Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's in a name..

When trying to decide what to call my blog.. I really wanted to be "clever". My wonderful husband will be the first to tell you, I am quite a goofball and while I think my jokes are funny.. not everyone else does. So, I thought about something rather generic, but who wants to read a generic blog?
The name I finally ended up with comes from a phrase that I ALWAYS say whenever we see something... uh.. interesting while out and about in France- "Oh My Word". And, since a blog is all about words- taaadaaa! We have our name!
I will leave you today with an "Oh My Word" moment. Our second weekend in Nice, the Hubs and I headed downtown where there is a really fun market right along the coast. After finishing up at the market, we decided to walk around corner and see the port. As we are gazing out at the beautiful sailboats, yachts, and watching a spear-fisher head out to catch a fish- I look to my left. There, to my utter shock, in the middle of March, is a 55 year old topless sunbather. Welcome to the south of France!

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