Thursday, August 6, 2009


Since John and I have a "limited" amount of time and vacation while we are here, we have made a list of everywhere we want to go. (I used the term "limited" very loosely as John has 5 weeks vacation, 18 overtime days, plus national holidays.) The list is quite lengthy.... and I really hope we get do it all. When else could we have this kind of opportunity?
Last week John and I went on our 3rd trip of the year. (Amazing- I have never been on so many vacations all at once in my life.) My "big brother", Marty, was coming to Venice for a cruise and since Venice is a place I have wanted to visit all my life, it didn't take a lot of convincing for us to decide to meet up with him. John took a couple of those vacation days.. and off we went. (Sadie, our little travel dog, came along, too of course.)

Being as how I have always wanted to go to Venice, I was a little worried that it couldn't live up to our expectations- but it more than did. It is beautiful, quaint, and has a small village feel- but is def. not a village. (Around 60,000 people live on the islands.) One of the reasons I think it feels like a small town is because Italians are very friendly, and will talk to you even if they don't speak English- and you don't speak Italian. It tends to make for some interesting conversations. Also, the buildings and homes were built in the 1600-1700s- and their owners aren't allowed to alter them, which just aids in the quaintness.
The highlight of the trip was..I must say.. Saint Mark's Basilica. While the rest of the city is incredible, with amazing architecture, fantastic food, and singing gondoliers who entertain as you sight-see - Saint Mark's will take your breath away. I have never seen anything like it. The inside (as big as a football field) is all mosaic and where it is not telling a story, it is covered in tiny gold tiles. So it gleems, it glistens, sparkles... Like stepping into a corner of heaven.

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Yay! You added the "comment" feature! :) I'm lovin' your blog...and it makes me dream about traveling Europe. Thanks for sharing!