Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Since we left Nice, I have been waiting for Springtime. Unfortunately, spring in PA is not the same at all. I have yet to wear shorts, get a tan, or enjoy more than one beautiful day in a row. Actually, I can count the days that we have had temperatures of more than 60 on one hand. For a Tennessee girl who has lived on the French Riviera for 2 years....This. is. not. normal.

Once I realized that it wouldn't be spring for a looong time, (Evidently a very very long time..) I started planting some seeds in the apartment. This girl needs her fresh basil, cilantro, and of course some flowers.
I have basil, cilantro, chives, lavender, poppies, cosmos, snapdragons, and spider plants. I'll keep you updated on their progress! The goal is to have the entire patio covered in pots and flowers.

Anyone else planting their garden already? Is it warmer there? Send some my way please!

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