Thursday, December 10, 2009


I know that Europe is famous for it's markets but for some reason I always believed that it was just vegetable markets. I was so wrong.
Today, I went to a Market in Antibes. (This is one of my favorite towns in France. Love it.) And let me tell you, there are no veggies for sale here. Everything but. I could have bought cashmere sweaters, pots and pans, quilts, bras, leather vests, makeup, radios, watches... you name it, those people were selling it. Amazing. And all CHEAP. Not just everything-else-is-so-expensive-this-looks-cheap kind of cheap. We are talking about dirt cheap. So much fun. I love a good bargain.
The best part of the market was not only seeing what they sold- but watching the vendors interact. One booth had sweaters- kind of cute ones- for 5 euro. That is almost unheard of in France. Needless to say, women were going crazy- grabbing, pushing, ripping open bags- crazy. All of a sudden, the vendor begins to yell, "MADAMES,MADAMES!! Oo la la!! S'il vous plait!!" So funny. And it did him absolutely no good. Two minutes later, on the other side of the market, I could here him yelling the exact same thing.
Ah well. While I didn't buy a 5 euro sweater, I did buy a cute one for 10!

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